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Vampire Basics

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1 Vampire Basics on Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:01 pm


Vampire masquerade basics are for all vampires to follow while in the masquerade

Vampire weaknesses are as followed

What does the masquerade mean
Masquerade is a set of rules that vampires must follow and abide by kept in place under the watchful eye of the prince of the area

the main rules of Masquerade
Dont tell anyone what you are or of the vampire world
Dont take more than you need to in a single feeding people going missing or turning up dead could lead people to discovering the vampire world
Dont make other vampires unless you have permission from the Prince

what is a prince
the Prince is the leader of an area that has total control over what is right and what is wrong upsetting a prince can mean instant death


Sunlight- turns them to dust within a short time stronger vampires can hold out longer but not really exceeding 5mins unless there is special circumstances indirect sunlight is still a no go

Artificial Light- the brighter it is the more pain it will cause

Candle Light- is acceptable vampires can deal with a flicker of a flame

No Light- Perfect on the eyes

Holy Artifacts and Weapons of harm

If it can be believed in it can cause some problems from holy crosses to Buddhist pray beads if the right person is holding it then it can pose as a threat

though if a person picks up across to use against you but doesn't actually believe go to town on them it won't bother you one bit

Stakes will not kill you but will freeze you in spot until removed

Garlic is not a threat at all

Other info thats interesting

you cannot eat normal food and drink without using up alot of energy it also comes with the wonderful taste of ash and ending in it coming back up later by throwing up POOP is not an option

as the sun rises you better have a secure place to rest as your body goes in to corpse mode in the day it takes alot of energy to move at all in the sunlit hours and might as well conserve it for the night ahead we recommend abandoned building, basements and old tombs anywhere dark with no windows and out of the way really you dont want a human coming across your lifeless body and trying to "help you" with a trip to A&E

Guys getting it up isnt worth it you can put the blood to better use

and that is all for now
other things will come with the clan specifics

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